Wrist Watch Cases

Manufacturing Watch cases are the most important stage of watch production. The appearance and durability of the product largely depend on material quality and its handling. The self-manufacture of wrist watch cases opens our company to ample opportunities in the implementation of almost any design. There are 6 types of machine tools at our disposal. Three of them are milling ones:

  • for rough works;
  • for the manufacture of watch cases;
  • for the production of small parts (parts of the watch movements).

The wire eroding machine is used frequently in the processing of small parts, as well as lathe and engraving machines are also available.

The rich production base significantly expands the scope of our specialists. As a watch case manufacturer, the company can provide a full range of services for watch manufacture and decoration.

This includes finishing, polishing and sandblasting. Satinning, which gives a special gloss to the metal surface, is also included in the range of services provided.

The cost of our services is definitely lower than that of other German watch manufacturers, even with smaller orders. The consignment of cases that we are ready to produce can be as minimal as 20 units or upwards. We are always ready to communicate the final product price, saving the customer from sudden unaccounted expenses (for example, setting up the machine).

We look forward to receiving your request to produce your custom personalized watch case.

Please send your request to:  ys(at)deklawatches(dot)com

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