Watch Design

Designing a watch is a painstaking process that requires specially skilled designers. In addition to the skills in terms of the external design of the product, the designer of the wristwatch should have the deep technical knowledge and should be able to confidently navigate into any technical documentation needed for the watch. Only, in this case, the model should not only please the eye but also serve reliably for many years.

Needless to say, that the designer unfamiliar with the brands work philosophy is the wrong candidate. At the heart of the matter, a designer should be able to, look at any problem from the client's point of view and understand the task, which should be the basis for any craftsmanship, whether it's a wrist watch design or any other direction.

Without undue modesty, we can admit that the team of employees of our company fully meets the above requirements. Our designers will not just make sketches and drawings of wristwatches; they will recreate any unique idea of yours.

Experienced masters of their craft will develop drawings of wristwatches taking into account all the wishes of the customer and create a truly stylish custom masterpiece that attests to the owner's excellent taste.

The manufacturing of such a delicate product like a wristwatch requires the adoption of a variety of custom design solutions. The work should involve specialists of various profiles, and the production itself is divided into many stages.

We look forward to receiving your request for creating the individual design of watches.

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Idea: Igor Sherstnev.  Visualization: Dekla Team

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