FL 23883 engraving

Historic Pilot watches contained the FL 23883 engraving on their reverse, as well as on their side.   "FL“- Fliegnummer means that it is affiliated with aviation equipment; “23” means that it is a navigational device; “883” confirmed that the watch was tested by the research institute (Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt). Each individual German-made watch got tested and had its own certificate. This used to be a mandatory engraving and was present on each watch. 

We couldn’t leave our brand enthusiasts without the opportunity to have this engraving on their watches. It took many attempts, but we finally managed to create the most appealing engraving. Although this engraving seems to be nothing more than a simple add-on, we had to dedicate a significant amount of time to perfect it. Laser engravings don’t satisfy us since lasers leave dark marks on the final product. We engrave one side of the watch by means of the classical method (by using an engraving tool) and the engraving on the other side is done by means of a modern and highly-technological process. A 4-coordinate milling machine is used to apply the engraving where movement occurs on all four axis at the same time. Unfortunately, this procedure makes the entire engraving process take up to 60 minutes, whereas lasers can get the job done in minutes.

We hope that our clients will appreciate our efforts and will be satisfied with the result.