Wrist Watch Hands

Owning a wide range of machines allowed our company to be able to establish the production of punching dies for making custom watch hands. This is a great advantage that not every manufacturer of watch hands in Germany has. We are ready to implement any customer idea to create a true time-piece product, which is really unique, using existing equipment.

The use of stained wrist watch hand production is not even a choice for us. Such inexpensive watch hands can be purchased in Asia, and establishing our own release does not make much sense. We set a goal for ourselves to create unique products that are not inferior to widely well-known brands.

The manufacture of the watch hands in Germany is a special process that involves creative approach and the use of the best materials. Renowned German watch hand manufacturers use the technology of thermal blueing during production.

In addition to the thermal blueing of watch hands, our company can offer customers much more: we produce hands for watches made of gold, platinum, and other precious metals too.

Experienced designers will help each client to develop a unique project using first-class materials and create their own watch masterpiece.

We look forward to receiving your request for making custom watch hands.

Please send your request to:  ys(at)deklawatches(dot)com

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