Project history DEKLA MRIYA Antonow An-225

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is a dark chapter for all of Europe. Blood is shed innocently through his atrocities, bringing much suffering and sorrow to our day.

For this reason we cannot and do not want to continue the current project in its original form. We want to help the people in need. That is why we have now reformulated the project as follows:

1. This project will be humanitarian in nature and funds will be diverted to assist the Ukrainian people suffering from Russian aggression.

2. The name is changed in honor of the embossed legendary aircraft Antonov An-225 Mriya. This plane was destroyed by Russian troops with rockets fired from the territory of Belarus. It was a unique aircraft that has no analogue. This was not a military aircraft, but a transport aircraft.

More info here:

3. We will remove all mentions of the Tu160 bomber that brings suffering and destruction.

4. The bracelet will be yellow, which will symbolize the flag of Ukraine (yellow-blue).

Comments or mails from Russia are rejected and not even opened. Please don't waste your time, you won't get any reply from us. At least until the end of the war that the "Tsar" of Russia started.

We wish everyone peace and an end to the war.