DEKLA 6Steel watch case

6Steel is a propriety case hardening process developed by our company in collaboration with our specialized high tech metallurgy partner. Firstly, our premium 316L CNC watch case is heated in a mixture of carbon gases at precised low temperature to allow diffusion of atoms. This intricate process is duplicated repeatedly over long hours to superimpose supersaturation and concentration of carbon.

The sudden immense energy from carbon atoms accumulation results in 30µm layered hardening of the case to 1300 Hv on the Vickers scale(6 times the orignal hardness of normal stainless steel). The toughened watch case is then put through a vacuum chamber for plasma coating to elevate the corrosion resistance, particularly sea water and sweat immunity. This multi layering process makes the 6Steel case an ideal candidate for use in sports and diving watches.