About Us

Our company is an experienced German watch manufacturer. We realize the needs and demands of our customers precisely, and this knowledge has allowed us to create our brand. Today, we can offer our buyers German watches at an affordable price. When setting up the production of watches in Germany, the company faced issues with the provision of spare parts and components. It turned out that it was slim pickings as only a few suppliers specialized in this field.

The delivery of parts could be carried out in two ways - they could be ordered in Asia or Europe. This is often the case for watch manufacturers in Germany and other European countries. However, none of these ways suited us: European goods scared us off due to the high prices offered and Asian ones weren’t of good quality.

There was only one option left for us, which was the most time-consuming, but at the same time, the most reliable one - to manufacture parts independently. This was the only way to achieve our main goal - to creating a middle-priced watch of above-average quality. Today, the cost of our products remains lower than the price that other manufacturers of German watches of the same level can offer.
Finally, we could be 100% sure of the quality of the components used in creating exclusive products for our brand.

It took the company several years to launch a fully integrated production. Today, we are proud to announce that we are capable of manufacturing main parts of the watchwork independently:

  • • Cases;
  • • Dials;
  • • Thermally blued watch hands.

The staff includes experienced designers and engineers who use modern CAD-programs to create technical documentation for projects. We set a goal to revolutionize the sphere of the watch industry, and we have succeeded. Our price for goods marked “Watch, Germany” is pleasantly different from the cost of similar products, which are already on the market.